Dubai Arthatic Retreat 2018

Purification by Air

Oudh oil is derived from the fungus of agarwood trees that grow in deep forest of India, Cambodia , Vietnam and other Far East Asian countries. The Oudh trees occasionally become infected with Oudh microbial and begin to produce an aromatic resin, which is Oudh.

The Oudh oil can be used as a perfume, an essential oil, aromatherapy or as aid for deep meditation. It is anti-asthmatic and can be applied directly to shin as it is non-irritant to skin.

In the Arab world, it is interesting to know, Oudh is still used as an expectorant for coughs, a cure for insomnia and to calm infants. Other benefits ascribed specially to burning the Oudh incense is, purification of an area , to facilitate meditation and to promote a general sense of well being.

Hence we will be using these Natural purification wood sticks called Oudh, which will be consecrated and burned in open air and used for Cleansing & Purification by Air.

Purification by Fire

Purification by Fire is a very ancient technique.

The Triangle in the inner world signifies Fire.

The participants are asked to write down those vices which they would like to remove and participants write down their vices on a piece of paper post which these are sacrificed by burning them in a consecrated fire.

Purification by Water

Purification by Water will be lead by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui with doing the Salutation on the Guru. During the ceremony the energy from the higher soul and incarnated soul is brought to the crown chakra, by physically pulling the energy down to the crown. At this point we will be guided by the Acharyas to take a dip. The divine energies which have already cleansed our astral, mental and sub conscious vehicles get disintegrated into the concentrated salt water of the Sea, thereby allowing us to fly in the inner world and enjoy the morning sadhana.

Re-birth by Earth

After purifications by Air ,Fire & Water , we will use the technique of Re-birth by Earth to energize our physical & energy bodies by the unlimited ground prana.

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