Dubai Arthatic Retreat 2018


Importance of Wesak :

The energies released during the Wesak is two fold. The one released by The Buddha represents the Wisdom Energy of God and The one released by The Christ represents God's Energy of Love.

These duel energies are most needed at these difficult times of Human history. The wisdom energy is needed to discern Good from Evil, Right from Wrong, from superstitious beliefs to Truth and the Love energy for transmuting selfishness and self-centeredness of mankind into loving energies of Brother Hood of Man.

The Wesak festival is one day in the year when The doorway to heaven is literally open to Mankind when God represented by Two Great Messengers, The Buddha and The Christ are physically visible on this day.

Detailed Explanation of Wesak :

  • The Full Moon of Taurus is celebrated as Wesak Festival Meditation. This was the day The Lord Gautama Buddha was born, this is also the day The Buddha achieved Illumination and on this very day the great lord Buddha left His body
  • Wesak is a valley somewhere in the Himalayan region close to Tibet.
  • The Great Lord Buddha when He left His body promised to return every year on the full moon of Taurus to bless humanity.
  • On the full moon of Taurus, The Lord Christ known as the World Teacher along with His group of world servers which includes great masters and initiates of various levels assemble at the appointed time in Wesak Valley to await the appearance of The Lord Buddha.
  • The Lord Christ who is the love aspect Of God is also known by the Hindus as Lord Krishna, by the Buddhist as Lord Maitreya and by the Muslims as Imam Mahedi.
  • As a part of the Celebration the Masters and The Initiates of various order sit in a certain formation awaiting the appearance of The Buddha . They face the East side of the mountain where the mountain forms a natural opening.
  • At the opening stands The Lord Christ awaiting His brother The Lord Buddha.
  • Behind the star formation of Masters and Initiates gather people from the valley in their physical bodies and others in their Astral Vehicles eagerly awaiting The appearance of The Lord Buddha.
  • At the appointed time a bright golden Light is seen through the opening in the mountain where The Lord Christ stands.
  • All those present in the valley start the chants as a welcome to The Buddha.
  • The Golden Light turns into a physical form of The Lord Buddha sitting in a meditative pose with one hand raised in Blessing.
  • The Lord Buddha along with The Lord Christ then send forth blessings to Humanity. The energies from these two great beings are received and stepped down and distributed to mankind by the Great Masters and Initiates of a high order sitting in the valley to receive the blessings.
  • The Lord Buddha remains in this blessing posture for exactly 7 minutes after which He again returns to the high place where He lives taking care of the welfare of Humanity.
  • Among the three Buddha's of activity, The Lord Buddha is the head of Human Evolution.
  • The Lord Buddha remains within the planetary field of Earth until as He promised the majority of Humanity is enlightened.
  • The energies released during this day is to help spiritual workers to spread the work of God and for ordinary humanity to receive the blessings to help in their evolutionary process . The evolutionary process of a certain mass of humanity is necessary for the Return of Christ, Return of Lord Krishna, return of Lord Maitreya or return of Imam Mahedi
Yetha Yetha Hi Adarmasya. glanir Bhavathi Bharathan
Material Reference: Externalization of The Hierarchy by Holy Master DK thru Alice A Bailey

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