Dubai Arthatic Retreat 2018

An Arabian Adventure - Desert Safari, Fun and Meditation

Desert Safari - The fun and frolic of a desert safari with Dune bashing , belly dancing, camel rides, henna and a Golden Dinner ! What's more - For the first time in the history of Arhatic Yoga retreats , An Evening Sadhana Deep into the Arabian Deserts. Since ancient times spiritual aspirants have been going to the mountains / deserts because there are very few people and hence either very less or no thought forms, giving a pure and peaceful environment which is conducive to meditation.

Imagine yourself surrounded by hundreds of Sand Dunes deep in the desert meditating with together in complete peace and quite with zero thought forms in natures sand beds. It will the most amazing experience to do Dhyan Meditation Video with our beloved Master Choa Kok Sui guiding us through this.

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