Dubai Arthatic Retreat 2018

Benefits of attending a spiritual retreat

  • The word Retreat signifies, withdrawing from your normal activities to a period of seclusion for purpose of deep meditation either in a group or alone
  • According to MCKS, seven people meditating together are equivalent to 100 people meditating separately.
  • The spiritual energies generated in-group meditation is tremendous and attending a Retreat according to MCKS has effect of doing regular meditation on your own for six months.
  • Excellent way to spiritually cleanse your incarnated soul and their vehicles, accelerating your spiritual growth and your spiritual connection with your Higher Soul
  • Helping the world and people transform themselves through group blessings at a Retreat generates tremendous Good Karma for you and your family.
  • And for those who are disconnected with their Arhatic Yoga practice, an excellent way to reconnect with The Teacher and His Teachings.

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